Tune Sets

Favoured Tune Sets

TFC evenings usually begin with a few tunes (based mainly on the Lewes Arms tune book and, more specifically, those adopted by our friends in Travelling Folk). Of course, other tunes may be played, especially during the course of an evening, but we think a standard, shared repertoire is a great asset for encouraging beginners.

Tunes are played in session-friendly keys (i.e. G or D), mainly to accommodate melodeons. Although historically dances would have been confined to a single tune, it’s now common practice when playing tunes in sessions to arrange them in sets.

  1. Jimmy Allen (G) x 2 / Rakes of Mallow (G) x 2 / Huntsman’s Chorus (G) x 2 / Jimmy Allen (G) x1
  2. Flowers of Ashgill (G) x 3 / The Man in the Moon (G) x 3
  3. Uncle’s Jig (G/D) x 3 / Oyster Girl (G) x 3
  4. Princess Royal (G) x 3 / Portsmouth (G) x 3
  5. Planxty Irwin (D) x 3 / Fanny Power (G) x 3
  6. Sussex Bonny Breast Knot (G) x 2 / Three Around Three (G) x 2 / Double Lead Through (G) x 2
  7. Marmalade Polka (G) x 3 / Golden Slippers (G) x 3
  8. Harper’s Frolic (D) x 3 / Bonny Kate (G) x 3
  9. Cock of the North (G) x 3 / Wi’ a Hundred Pipers (G) x 3
  10. Bonnie Dundee (G) x 3 / Westering Home (G) x 3
  11. Brighton Camp (G) x 3 / Curly Headed Ploughboy (G/D) x 3 + 1 A part to finish
  12. St Anne’s Reel (D) x 3 / The Tipsy Parson (D) x 3
  13. Redwing (G) x 3 / Winster Gallop (G) x 3
  14. Walter Bulwer’s No. 2 (G/D) x 3 / Walter Bulwer’s No. 1 (G/D) x 3
  15. Three Around Three (G) x 3 / Flowers of Edinburgh (G) x 3
  16. Maggie in the Wood (G) x 3 / Salmon Tails up the Water (G) x 3
  17. Dorset Four Hand Reel (G) x 3 / Winster Gallop (G) x 3
  18. Sean South (G) x 2 / Kelly the Boy from Killane (G) x 2 / Boys of Wexford (G) x 2 / Sean South (G) x 1
  19. The Blaydon Races (G) x 3 / The Keel Row (G) x 3
  20. Hunt the Squirrel (G) x 3 / Fox and Geese (G) x 3
  21. Scan Tester’s Quadrille (D) x 3 / Clee Hill (D) x 3
  22. Michael Turner’s Waltz (G) x 4
  23. Cotillion (G) x 4
  24. Egan’s Polka (D) x 3 / John Ryan’s Polka (D) x 3
  25. Jack Robinson (G) x 3 / The Bourton Six (G) x 3
  26. I Come from Alabama (G) x 2 / Camptown Races (G) x 2 / Marching Through Georgia (G) x 3
  27. The Lambton Worm (G) x3 / Keep yer Feet Still Geordie Hinny (G) x3
  28. Steamboat Hornpipe (G) x3

Drawings by Paul Gurney

Nellie’s supporter Paul Gurney made these sketches at Nellie’s and other Kent folk venues. Paul is a designer, illustrator and artist, and runs three websites/companies Caricatures And Portraits, Paul Gurney Illustrator and The Graphic Design Shop.

He has created caricatures and illustrations for some of the world’s biggest companies such as BT, American Express, Epson, Compaid, Shell, Aviva, Hewlett Packard, and The British Army. He also draws live caricatures at parties, weddings and events all over southeast England.

Besides drawing and sketching and developing selected sketches into paintings, Paul likes to develop new skills and techniques. Paul also designed the new website for Tonbridge Folk Club. If you want a similar site for your business or organisation please call Paul on 07876 207100 for more information.